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Awaken Your Speculator Mind

Perfecting Corporate Character

Millennial World Order

AWAKEN Your Body To Healthy Aging!

"My genres vary from business ethics, investing and
internet marketing, to health and spiritual philosophy."

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These Review/Previews specifically cover my paper-book editions. Each link will take you to a review page, either here or to one of our focused mini-sites. Other links will take you to associated publishers like, or to distributors like ClickBank and Amazon for purchases.

  • "Awaken Your Speculator Mind"
    Winning in the today's markets requires an awakened mindset, one that is cultivated to induce your "Speculator Mind Response". Investors of every level will benefit from the insight. Also available as an ebook edition.

  • "Perfecting Corporate Character"
    People, products, processes and hopeful profits comprise every business. The profit part is dependent upon the first - people quality. Great reviews!

  • "Millennial World Order"
    The future of mankind will require a spiritual awakening beyond the level of organized religion. The result will be peace for the entire world. Note: While supplies last, this title is Free to those who cannot afford it.

In the Works

"Splitting I.C.E."
Initially released for the Kindle, stay tuned for the paperback in early 2014, in time for the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

"AWAKEN Your Body to Healthy Aging!"
Available right now only as an ebook. Health is a matter of cause and effect. Some factors are inherited; others are not. Know the difference and why it matters.

"World Order Collision: A Story of New Detroit in 2023!"
This is my first fiction work. The final title may change. Scope: New York has been dirty bombed, China dominates the economic stage, and new technologies rule the intelligence world

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