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I was born in the city of Detroit in 1950. My parents, Frank and Josephine, were first-generation Americans of Prussian/Polish and Lithuanian descent respectfully. Migrating from Pennsylvania to Detroit, Michigan, was no easy task. Establishing a better life than the coal mines could provide was foremost in their minds, with my sister Dorothy just a little girl; my other sister Joan would be born later. It was the right move, though, as my father proved to be an inventor and tool designer for many years.

I've been married to my wife, Judi, since 1971. We have two daughters: Rachel and Ginny; and we're blessed with four grandchildren.

Whenever I'm asked why I write, my immediate reply is that it provides me with a creative aspect that I have found lacking in the busy corporate world. Even in the area of designing cars, which had been my primary career for 39 years, the business processes left me with the feeling of increased responsibility, but diminishing in personal satisfaction. So, I began writing while still working.

Now that I'm early-retired from GM, so to speak. I can concentrate more on my writing. Strange though that I didn't really intend ever to be a writer. I merely began experimenting with writing for an independent biblical research team, EMET Research Association, in the late '80s. Since I was the guy with the computer, I automatically became the editor and compiler of the research articles.

As such, I contributed many articles myself, one of which was entitles, "The Corporate Church". After its release, I began to receive letters from all around the world. That wasn't bad for a free article that had no major backing.

So, I became interested in extending my writing into other areas that I felt were important to everyday living, like business, money, health and spiritual philosophy.

I actually had a cynical business associate ask me why I thought anyone would even want to read what I think. I assume he thought that I was not important enough for anyone to care.

I agree that I am not any more important than anyone else. Still, everyone who ever became famous in writing had their first article, their first book, too. So, what was the big deal? Whether I ever become famous is not important, nor the issue. Whether I help anyone in the process of sharing the information is what should concern you as the reader.

What I bring to the table is my 39+ years experience in the corporate world, an exposure to independent trading and investing, my direct experience with health care in the natural sciences and Homeopathy, and, finally, my insight into the effects of organized religion on true spirituality.

Why so many subjects? They're personal interests for sure; but they're also important areas that I believe touches on aspects in everyone's life. There's bound to be at least one area that affects yours.

Now, I'm not that altruistic; as I obviously publish for money, with the exception of targeted spiritual themes. Overall, I write mostly for personal fulfillment. In fact, I'd rather write than watch a mindless TV program.

Yet, if someone really wanted an article or information because they could not afford it, I would find a way to get them the information that they needed. The FREE of charge offer for "Millennial World Order" proves that point. So, you be the judge.

I first became aware of my own abilities to organize and teach complex subjects when I was assigned to the U.S. Naval Air Reserve at N.A.F Detroit. There, I was trained to be an instructor for aviation structures, hydraulics and egress systems. To my surprise, the training instructors thought that I was already a qualified teacher in the outside world. The organization of my training sets was considered by my superiors to be very high, according to Navy standards.

My experience as a designing engineer enabled me to really grow my organizational skills. I honed them at corporate places like Holley Carburetor, Benton Div of AMBAC, Johnstone Pump Company, Essex International, Lectron Products, Saturn Corporation and, finally, General Motors.

My first title, Perfecting Corporate Character, was intended to expose and avail an awareness that character plays in the business world. In my opinion, character is the greatest shaping force of business performance.

My second title, Millennial World Order, was intended to avail a messianic insight into the millennial reign of the Messiah. It was written from the perspective of a person who had spent many years in organized Christianity, but found more truth in decentralized church governments and messianic doctrines like Judaism and Hebraic philosophy. It is my conviction that all of my writings that fulfill a spiritual theme must also have a free-of-charge element for those in need.

My third and most recent title, Awaken Your Speculator Mind, was really a research project that was intended for myself and my children. It teaches how the undeniable morphing character of the market requires key mental strengths, let alone technical skills to compete.

Now, trading strategies are taught everyday, but mental strengths are not taught in school nor in MBA programs. They are honed only with an awakened inner power. Unlocking that special mindset is possible if you follow the reasoning and character of some of the most successful speculators, like the legendary W.D. Gann and others.

I also enjoy reviewing business opportunities such as the internet and reporting on their value to the public, but automotive technology is more my forte. As the result of four years of research and writing automotive technology articles for, I have released Splitting I.C.E.

In addition to business, I proclaim the need to return to a balanced approach to health, nutrition and healthcare in general. My ebook, "Awaken Your Body to Healthy Aging", focuses precisely on these areas. Released initially as a PDF book, I will be republishing for the Kindle and other e-readers.

I am also looking forward to writing my first fiction title, a mystery novel that will focus on my birth town, Detroit, in the year 2023. I'll keep you posted.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. I'm available for interviews and discussions about any of my writings. Please, feel free to do so.

The best way to contact me is by e-mail. Here's my address:

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