Splitting I.C.E.

Awaken Your Speculator Mind

AWAKEN Your Body To Healthy Aging!

"My non-fiction genre varies by category, including: business ethics, investing, automotive technology, health and spiritual ethics philosophy."

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  • "Splitting I.C.E."
  • Reveals how split-cycle engines will change 21st Century cars and trucks toward meeting the 54.5 MPG mandate, while meeting lower emissions; and at a lower cost than full electrification.

    PDF eBook Editions

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  • "Awaken Your Speculator Mind "
    Quick Preview with order links. Teaches how winning in the today's markets requires an awakened mindset, one that is cultivated to induce your "Speculator Mind Response". Investors of every level will benefit from the insight. Available as a PDF ebook and paper-back edition, but plans are to make it available for the Kindle and other re-readers

  • "Awaken Your Body to Healthy Aging "
    Quick Preview with order links. Teachings are based on absolute respect for natural laws as they pertain to human health and longevity of life. Plans are to include this book as well into the Kindle and e-reader formats.

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