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"What is the Greatest Force Affecting Your Business Performance?"

Professionals and Corporations
of Every Level Can Now Advance Careers and Increase Growth.

Learn How Individual/Collective Character Affects Profits:
  • Sharpen business instincts
  • Cultivate "People Skills"
  • Redefine corporate branding
  • Practice and teach emotional mastery
  • Learn the truth behind gender teamwork
  • Awaken to the hypocrisy behind attempts to change corporate orthodoxy
  • Empower processes with enlightened workers
  • Arm yourself with principle-centered training and much, much more´┐Ż

Title: "Perfecting Corporate Character: Insightful Lessons for 21st Century Organizations"
Hardcover Edition (309 Pages): ISBN 1-890170-00-3
Category: Non-Fiction, Business, Business Ethics, Self-Help, Philosophy
Author: Frank J. Sherosky
Publisher: Strategic Publications Inc.

Here's an Important Message You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Did you know that character is the greatest shaping force of business performance? That's right! This is most unlike the typical management thinking that processes and products build profits.

Research author, Frank J. Sherosky, a 34+ year veteran of corporate life with companies like Saturn Corporation and General Motors, likes to vividly point out:

"Too many of the modern MBA programs groom managers to think that TQM, internet marketing, software and philosophies, like the infamous, "think out of the box", are the only viable solutions to their profit-building dilemmas. They have unfortunately missed the most important element - People Quality!"

As a result, building and growing a profitable and successful business has turned out to be far more difficult than many CEOs, managers and employees have ever imagined. And judging just how many retirement accounts under professional management have lost 50% and more during the Bear Correction of the last few years, I'd say investor views of the difficulty must be about the same.

Imagine if you possessed
the knowledge of the true nature of business performance,
plus the mindset to act in concert with that knowledge

You could ultimately grow your career as well as your business; and, just as important, always protect it, regardless of economic conditions!

Read what These Review Publications have to say
about "Perfecting Corporate Character"

  • "It isn't often a new book catches my eye, given the slew of them that land on my desk, but Perfecting Corporate Character, by Frank J. Sherosky, has done just that." - Small Business News Philadelphia, Jan '98 Editorial

  • "Perfecting Corporate Character is important, practical informative reading and highly recommended for anyone dealing with corporate responsibilities."
    - The Midwest Book Review

  • "Character is a quality issue, too. For those who want to lead their employees toward the cutting edge on human relations and achievement, Perfecting Corporate Character, teaches the syntax of character development." - The Daily News, Tuscaloosa, LA

Now, history teaches us all that world markets are so competitive that operating margins have been sliced to razor thin. How can you compete in that kind of environment? Answer: Create an organization that transcends processes and products. And the ONLY WAy to do that is to perfect your people quality as much as possible!

Now Read These Comments About
"Perfecting Corporate Character"

"Thought-Provoking", March 18, 2002
  • "As a Professional Career Coach for women, I can see that the author has obviously spent a great deal of time thinking and researching his work. This is not your usual 'corporate strategy' book -- rather it is a work in progress. Sherosky has brought into focus the main issues between corporate success and spiritual happiness. Does one have to lose one to gain the other -- not according to the author. I agree. You can have both. His chapter on "Tapping the Power of Gender Teamwork" is one of the reasons I recommend his book to my clients. I recommend any professional, seeking a better understanding of the corporate world to read this book."
    - Rev. P.T. Webb, President, McNally & Assoc., Inc.
"The Bottom Line!", March 21, 2002
  • With the recent bombshell of the Enron failure, it is becoming increasingly apparent that somethings are amiss in Corporate America. Those "somethings" are explored in this revealing expose' by Sherosky, a veteran himself of corporate structures both large and small. Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers once said, "winning isn't everything, its the only thing". This attitude has permeated the corporate world - nothing else matters except the "bottom line". Whether a company is a good citizen, or a concerned employer, or environmentaly conscientious has no relevance! Greed is god. Sherosky shows how this management philosophy is leaving a lot of money on the table. He counsels that attention to character and virtue in the market place and the workplace would result in ever-growing profits for consumer, employer and employee. If we continue the business practices of the past into the 21st century we will continue to reap the same dysfunctional results. This book shows how that can be avoided. Must reading for the progressive and enlightened citizen.
    - Rav C. Yahkov Hartley, Lapeer, MI
As you can see from these comments, "Perfecting Corporate Character" must exude something worthwhile from his 30-years of corporate experiences. In light of a non-denominational, spiritual-like philosophy, it teaches how to successfully engage your co-workers and competition as allies, rather than enabling uncontrolled emotions like fear and greed to chip and destroy the bottom line.

Cultivating your own business instincts, this book enables readers of every level, white and blue collar, to deal with the power of people diversities, a business's true nature. Furthermore, you learn how to empower your own thinking process to always act in the best interest of business, not some manager's hidden personal agenda.

Managers and employees of every level, especially those seeking to be both, independent and successful, can learn the thinking strategies that drive the most successful and honorable business minds, and benefit from their kind of wisdom.

So, welcome to the one, stand-out title amidst a plethora of business books out there. This one can really empower you toward true business success.

Available as a High Quality, Hardcover Edition

"Perfecting Corporate Character" is available as a quality-bound, hard-cover edition. Published by Strategic Publications Inc., it is printed on high quality, recycled, non-acid paper through Thompson-Shore, one of the best printers in the business.

Suggested retail is $26.95, but the value within is worth more than the cost of a typical business seminar!

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Still not convinced? Just consider today's business ethics and the resulting mahem in the markets. Just order this thought-provoking book right now. Imagine having the knowledge! Imagine possessing the power to lead people, processes and products toward a quality organization that competitors can't touch!

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