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ISBN 1890170046 Millennial World Order

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Did You Know That Tomorrow's World Order Will Transcend Every Human Experience in History?

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Learn What a Great Spiritual Directive Will Ultimately Bring to Mankind:
  • Universal Peace
  • Universal Language
  • Character Will be Valued
  • Respect for Environmental Balance
  • Physical, Mental and Emotional Mastery
  • Diversity and Gender Teamwork
  • End the Hypocrisy Behind Organized Religions
  • Empower Economic Fairness, Social Equality and Universal Justice
  • Principle-Centered Education and much, much more´┐Ż

Title: "Millennial World Order: Discover the Spirit, Philosophy and Conditions of the Coming 1,000 Year Utopian Age"
Soft-Cover Edition (224 Pages): ISBN 1-890170-04-6
Category: Non-Fiction, Millennium, Social Issues, Philosophy, New Age
Author: Frank J. Sherosky
Publisher: Strategic Publications Inc.

Here's an Important Message You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Did you know that world will NOT end? That's right! There will be an end of an age, but not the physical world as we know it! This is most unlike the typical garbage messages perpetrated by false teachings of organized religions and other ungodly philosophies.

Research author, Frank J. Sherosky, vividly describes the future with a non-denominational outlook of the millennial reign of the coming Messiah! It is his declaration of support for the "Good News" about mankind's destiny.

As a result of reading this book, you will unleash your mind to read the bible with a new vision, no longer tainted by religions' negativity, hellfire and brimstone! Your future is secure and assured!

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about "Millennial World Order"

"The Empowering Factor!", August 20, 2002
  • "Frank delivers a profile of the future that few authors have. Unlike other titles this book does not focus solely on religion it highlights timeless virtue and inner values as a factor toward a bright tomorrow. Respect for law, values and education will be a reason to hope after all. This is an excellent read!" - - A reader from Portland, OR USA
"Faith = Religion ??", March 21, 2002
  • A well-researched book that has has been overdue. A book about "religion" by an author who shares his insight into the dark side of churchianity. Sherosky uncovers the hidden truths about real Faith for the real Believer and proves that Truth will set you free! This is a book for those who are not sure of the future, nervous about the present, and uncertain of the past. Its also a book for those in the churches and synagogues who think they are already well-informed about such matters. The hidden agendas, spiritual abuse, and distortions of the secular and religious "teachers" are revealed in a postive manner. The future of mankind will be far different after the arrival of the Messiah than that which the Rabbis and Clerics have hyped for the past 2,000 years. The ultimate potential for the human race will be realized in the Messianic Millenium which is the "Good News" shared by Sherosky in detail. Must reading for those seeking the faith once delivered.
    - Rav C. Yahkov Hartley, Lapeer, MI
As you can tell by those comments, "Millennial World Order" must obviously hit home with free thinkers, in light of a non-denominational, spiritual-philosophy approach over religiosity! By teaching about the future, there is hope; and that is one message that is hard to find in today's world!

Available as a High Quality, Soft-Cover Edition

"Millennial World Order" is available as a quality-bound, soft-cover edition. Originally published by Strategic Publications Inc., it is printed on high quality, recycled, non-acid paper through Thompson-Shore, one of the best printers in the business.

supplies are limited. Suggested retail is $16.95, but can be found at various sites for discount. However, for those who cannot afford it, but still want to read the message, send an e-mail to the author. Click Here to Request a Prepaid Copy! He has set aside a portion of the print run, because it is his philosophy and value to help those in need.

Note: For those of you who can afford it, your support will help avail those FREE copies to those in spiritual need.

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