- Author Frank Sherosky

eBook ISBN 1890170054 AWAKEN Your Speculator Mind

If Wealth Could Talk, What Would It Say?

"Learn How to Sharpen
Your Investing Instincts Using
Your Speculator-Mind Response!"

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Problem: Are You Letting Market Action, Complex System Signals, Hot Tips and News Still Sway You Away From Winning Trades and Profits?

The Solution is a Click Away! That's Right, Now You Can Advance Your Stock Trading and 401k/IRA Investing Beyond Hot Tips, Internet Access and Luck!

Maximize Every Investing Dollar By ALWAYS Responding in Your Own Best Interest!

  • Sharpen Your Investing Instincts to Smell Opportunity
  • Protect Profits at ALL Times!
  • Manage Yourself Relative to Every Market Risk!
  • Confidently Direct Your IRA, 401k and Mutual Fund Accounts!
  • Consistently Grow Profits, Regardless of Economic Conditions!
  • Complements EVERY Trading System (Wizetrade, VectorVest, etc.)

Here's the Story: Master Speculators make money as a matter of instinct! And so can you!

So, Learn to Think Like They Do! Learn WHY their stock trading transcends the average trader, commodity trader and bond investor. Learn HOW they've trained themselves to exercise the inherent power of their mind.

First, develop the ability to manage yourself relative to market uncertainty. Second, train yourself to recognize profit-opportunity patterns quickly, then act on them just as quick. In other words, become profit oriented, but not impulsive.

This author calls this style of investing, "The Speculator Mind Response", an investing-mind technology based on the latest, mental-research used by major corporations to build more effective teams and personal performance; like the "Brain Dominance Model" by the Ned Herrmann Organization, where the brain is now believed to be divided into four quadrants, not just left and right hemispheres!

Is this important to you as an investor? You bet, because nobody has ever applied that research to trading mentality!

While magazines, websites and CNBC like to talk about personality qualities of successful traders, they often under-appreciate the cognitive skills. These include: attention span, concentration, pattern recognition and the character to move money out of harms way, to name a few.

And Now it's your turn to gain from this perspective that can and will empower your trading! That means you can engage those very same powerful perspectives and techniques of "Speculator Mind Response", regardless of your investing experience!

"Available Now in eBook and Softcover Editions! Great Value at Affordable Prices, Too!"

That's right, "AWAKEN Your Speculator Mind" is available NOW in eBook and Paperback Editions, On-Line and in Book Stores!

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That's right. You, too, can sharpen your own investor instincts by learning the secret behind the mindset that empowers wealthy investors; and it's NOT luck! The Speculator Mindset enables and empowers the speculator-mind response. And best of all, it pays great dividends; the power to enjoy the profits you've earned and protected!

That Means - Investors of Every Level Can Now Benefit
by Learning to Think and Perform Like a Master-Speculator.

Whether your investments involve stock trading, internet trading, commodity trading, tax-lien investing, mutual funds, or you're just a family man or woman in need of some investment savvy, the wisdom of this 15-year, private research project can raise your level of knowledge of investor psychology and perception far above the average investor:

  • Sharpen your investor instincts
  • Cultivate your "Speculator-Mind Response"
  • Recognize Live-Money opportunities from dead money
  • Practice emotional mastery
  • Grow and protect profits with money-movement strategies
  • Blend fundamentals with technical analysis
  • Arm yourself with the g-Trend Perspective and much, much more�

"There is a form of mastery that every investor like you CAN and MUST learn to be successful as an independent. It is the mastery of the self, whereby you become a student of your own attitudes and behavior relative to market behavior." - Research Author, Frank J. Sherosky

Here's Another Important Investor Message
You Simply Cannot Afford to Miss!

Did you know that money movement is a wealth strategy based on mindset?

That's right! This is most unlike the general investing public who have been groomed to think that gurus, software and philosophies like the infamous, buy-hold strategy are the only viable solutions to their wealth-building dilemmas.

As a result, successful investing has turned out to be far more difficult than many independent investors have ever imagined. And judging just how many retirement accounts (IRA, 401k) under professional management have lost 50% and more during the Bear Correction of the last few years, I'd say their view of investing difficulty must be about the same.

But imagine if you possessed the knowledge of the true nature of markets, plus the mindset to act in concert with that knowledge.

You could ultimately grow your wealth and, just as important, always protect it; regardless of economic conditions!

Now, history teaches us all that market run-a-ways and corrections are not preventable. But they do NOT have to prevent you from growing and keeping your hard-earned profits either. And they certainly do NOT have to cost you in terms of excessive time and battered emotions.

So, view volatility as opportunity for a moment. Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it possible to truly sharpen your investing instincts?
  2. Can catastrophic individual losses ever be prevented?
  3. Can the impact of losses, like fear to get back in, ever be turned around?
  4. Can you successfully accomplish growth AND protection as an independent investor?
ANSWER: YES!!!!!!!! But ONLY if you awaken your speculator mind!

How can you be sure of this? Because the best-of-the-best speculator minds truly protect their winnings; and when they find themselves wrong about a position, they ALWAYS protect themselves from catastrophic results by moving their money.

That means their investor instincts are razor sharp! And that's how they retain their best-of-the-best status, building wealth, regardless of economic conditions!

And That's Why "Awaken Your Speculator Mind" is MUST Reading!

"Awaken Your Speculator Mind" by research author and trader, Frank J. Sherosky, draws from his 15-year research project, teaching how to successfully engage your mindset as an ally, rather than an enabler of uncontrolled emotions like fear and greed.

Cultivating your own speculating instincts, this book enables you to deal with uncertainty, the market's true nature. Furthermore, you learn how to empower your own thinking process to always act in your own best interest, not some broker or fund manager's agenda.

What you are trained to invoke is the dynamic aspect of your mind; what the author calls, "Speculator Mind Response" (S.M.R.). It can empower you, regardless of experience, to ALWAYS focus on growing and protecting profits.

Investors of every level, especially those seeking to be both, independent and successful, can learn the thinking and money-movement strategies of the most successful speculator minds, and benefit from their wisdom.

So, welcome to the one, standout title,
amidst the plethora of trading and investing books out there!

This one can really empower you toward financial independence. How? By teaching you to think and act like a wealthy speculator, which can lead you to maximize and protect your very own investment dollars.

Now, before we go any further, there is a legal drill that must be performed: "Past results are no guarantee of future performance." That warning is intended by the government to remind and protect you against false claims, especially with the operative word, "guarantee".

Now, it's true that this author's speculator-mind awakening has grown and salvaged wealth over the years. But any book that helps you cultivate your own awakened mindset must surely fall into the educational, self-help category, never advice with a guarantee.

For sure, wise speculators know that there can NEVER be any guarantees with anything associated with indeterminate arenas like stock markets.

The whole idea with "Awaken Your Speculator Mind" is to empower you to deal with such indeterminate arenas on your own; in essence, to guarantee your own reaction relative to market performance. How? By training and encouraging YOU to ALWAYS think and act independently; but, more important, by acting in what is always your own best interest. And that especially means overriding the interests of others!

Now, if the promotion of self development alone doesn't fulfill the spirit of that government warning, then this one certainly will: There are no stocks to buy here, and certainly no services with monthly or annual fees. There's no guru either. In fact, you must develop as your own guru!

In truth, this book covers personal and psychological aspects of trading and investing; but that's a far cry different than most investing books out there, which are often just primers for fee-mongering, dependent-based advisory services anyway. In fact, few books really teach you how to be an independent investor!

"Awaken Your Speculator Mind" simply trains you
to develop your one, true edge in the market - YOU!

And there is good reason behind a system that encourages you to think on your own over blindly trusting strangers. With the knowledge of this book under your belt, you will be armed with intelligence and emotional strength far better than most investors on the street. How? It trains you to sharpen your own investing instincts by awakening and cultivating your own, unique mind power - "Speculator Mind Response (S.M.R.)".

Once your mind has been awakened, everything you think, say and do regarding investing will be filtered through your trained mindset. That way, you will induce your speculator mind like an automatic-response mechanism over your emotions of fear and greed.

Although practiced by the more sophisticated and highly successful speculators, this kind of mentality and strategy has been handed down for many years from mentor to student, father to son, etc.

The principles involved with "Speculator Mind Response", though, have never been fully researched and collated into a single, coherent book as this. And that's why combining wealth-building with protection principles based on a mind technology has never been openly taught or availed in book form; that is, until now!

For the record, "Awaken Your Speculator Mind" is the ONLY book among the vast investing and stock-trading book genre that clearly maps out the true value of the speculator or investing mindset along with associated techniques. As its straight-forward style especially speaks to investors of every level, its message is loud and clear:

Awakening your own speculator mind
is definitely in your best interest!

Two initiating stages of the speculator-mind process include: Awakening and Cultivation. And that's precisely what this book delivers, a guide to kickoff your self education.

What follows, though, is most important to you as an investor: Empowerment to research, think and act according to self interest. As an awakened independent investor, you will be thoroughly trained to do just that by performing the following:

  • Researching live-money opportunities,
  • Acting ONLY on live opportunities,
  • Growing and ALWAYS protecting profits.
And never under-estimate the power of acting in your own best interest either. It means that you will NOT embark on ventures and decisions that are more in the interests of brokers and fund managers than your own. Considering past performance, you do the math!

Aside from that, just reading this book will benefit your best interest. Why? It will teach you how to be truly independent as an investor; and that defies the goals of professional money managers, because, after all, they want YOUR money to make money for them.

By cultivating your OWN speculating instincts,
you will be training yourself to deal with
the market's true nature, uncertainty.

As a result, you will circumvent every hype and ploy of money managers and greedy brokers. Why? You won't need them for decision making!

Imagine the wisdom of decades of investing experience in various stocks, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, tax-lien certificates and other assets being revealed directly to you. Here's just a tiny sample what you will learn:

  1. How to achieve master-speculator thinking
  2. How to recognize Live-Money opportunities from dead money
  3. Practice the essence of emotional mastery
  4. Blend fundamentals with technical analysis
  5. Arm yourself with the g-Trend Perspective and much, much more�
So, whether you want to retire early or just live well, awakening your own speculator mind will align your trading decisions within your best interests! And you know what that means? Greater profits in YOUR pocket!

So, it doesn't matter whether you are a short-run investor or still in the market for the long haul. You are a indeed a speculator. And it doesn't matter whether you are personally in a bull or bear market at this very moment. The difference between growing an IRA or a 401-k today from a bear-beaten-down "201-k" of yesterday is the same as it has always been:

Your success in the markets centers on
self control over your internal tendencies toward fear and greed.

After all, it is your emotions that lead you down the path of fiscal ruin, more than your software.

If there ever was a "best rule" based on all of the past bull-to-bear market experiences, what might it be? In light of the bubble burst of America's greatest bull-market in history, logic would vote for the one that supports the premise that once you bank your wins, never allow yourself to ever lose them.

Well, some of you may sigh and say that kind of hindsight is a bit late for you today. Then again, what if it isn't? What if your speculator mind could be sharpened to create better and more consistent profits than ever before? Would that interest you?

Imagine your mental-management system, groomed to be as sharp and powerful as the best speculative minds around. Bingo! You would be on a track better than before, ringing your own cash register with profits and keeping them for all those enjoyable plans you had always envisioned.

Your mindset is truly the ONLY asset that can keep your wants and needs in-line with your expectations from the market.

"Awaken Your Speculator Mind" can help create
the only edge you will ever need: You, with a
sharpened set of investing instincts.

Imagine maximizing your every investment dollar! With concepts like the "g-Trend Perspective", you could ring your cash register with almost every opportunity, regardless of economic conditions. With the knowledge of the true nature of markets, you could ultimately grow your wealth and, just as important, enable yourself to always protect it!

"Awaken Your Speculator Mind" is dedicated to key emotional areas of investing life:
  1. Eradicate the kind of behavior that has you scuttling your own success
  2. Prevent freezing up when you need to make decisions about losing positions
  3. React to the market without being debilitated from the great polarizing emotions of fear and greed
That's why "Awaken Your Speculator Mind" is divided into five basic parts, in line with the awakening and cultivation protocols of a successful speculator mindset:

  1. Defining Speculator Mentality
  2. Shifting Your Paradigm
  3. From Perspectives to Techniques
  4. Valuation Methods
  5. Opportunity Niches and Other Concepts
Remember: The ultimate goal of this book is to empower YOU to maximize and protect YOUR investment dollars by awakening and inducing YOUR OWN speculator mind response, NOT someone else.

Now for those of you who feel that you have at least educated yourself sufficiently to flex your skills in the market once again, or for the first time, then congratulations are certainly in order. Nevertheless, you might want to consider that you still may haven't gone far enough. With all due respect, I'll let your own bottom line and inner voice answer that one.

If you do find that there is still room for some improvement, then you might want to consider that what you may have missed is actually the most crucial element of all: The awakening of the speculator within you; that highly capable version of the person you see in the mirror, not your software, and not your broker or your net-surfing prowess.

For certain, all of the software in the world won't make you a better trader; and neither will degrees of education, personalities and influential connections. Surprised? Every truly successful investor knows that deep down. Only you, defined by your character in action, can achieve true market success.

So, what are you waiting for? You can be awakening and cultivating the very mindset that grows and protects wealth. Available in ebook and softcover editions, both are chock full of tips and pointers on how to invest successfully as an independent.

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Forget "could have," would have" or "should have." You know you need the information. Think about it. Your very wealth is at risk for every moment that you do not develop and exercise your speculator mind! So, don't wonder where your portfolio might have been if you had listened. Find out - be certain right now!

For fastest service, get the ebook NOW and start your own path to a better mindset in only minutes! Wouldn't you like to be making money and bragging about your own portfolio?

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