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Key Secrets You Ought to Know About Healthy Aging

  • Your Metabolism Demands a Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Personal Longevity Technologies Can Protect You Against Disease, Premature Aging and Premature Death
  • Key Natural Supplements Can Support Your Cellular Health to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease
  • Certain "Meats" Are Unfit For Human Consumption, and May Kill You Before Your Time
"Finally, an ebook that provides you with useful information about how-to-age in vibrant health. It's your personal information guide to healthy aging, nutrition, wellness and longevity research!"
- Author, Frank Sherosky

If Your Body Could Talk,
What Would It Say?

Why settle for misery and ill-health in your middle years, pre-senior and senior years? You could be hiking, traveling, playing sports and otherwise living an active life. Healthy agers are; why not you? Why settle for anything less? Don't you deserve it? Why not determine to prepare and change right now? Why set yourself up for a life that is shorter, less active and less fun?

Young or old, the value of your health and a physically strong body cannot be overstated. Just ask any senior with heart disease or some other debilitating ailment. Point: Only health and wellness makes a longer life enjoyable.

While most aging experts agree that there's two key aspects to healthy aging: Genetics and Lifestyle, many people in society have bought into the belief that life expectancy is still "more in the genes".

Good News! Several scientific studies have proven otherwise; and that means you have far more control over your destiny than you may have been led to believe.

Did you know that scientists, looking at the aging processes of twins to better understand which contributes most to longevity, surprisingly discovered that living habits appeared to have a far greater effect?

Still, some may wonder how they would explain the life stories of people like John and Josephine:

  • John, an 89 year old man who smoked cigars and drank a shot of whiskey every night before he went bed.
  • Josephine, a woman who was a tea drinker, never smoked, but died of cancer at the tender age of 51
The answer is there for all to see. Obviously, everyone's metabolism must be unique; and, therefore, requires a unique set of solutions to maintain better health, stamina and longevity. And that is one of the principle beliefs of healthy agers!

While one may "get away with it" so to speak, others may not have the genetics, the immune system or the metabolism to partake of the same lifestyle. That person would then require a more personalized wellness plan!

Natural Laws Govern YOUR Health

Natural laws do NOT occur by chance or fiat. Regardless of what you may have been lead to believe, there is a lawgiver in the universe. Just witness the all of the laws that nature itself seems to obey.

There is also scientific evidence that suggests that we can indeed affect our own aging process by simply rearranging our lives in accordance with those natural laws. That means that it is possible to extend your lifespan and become healthier in later years.

How can you do this? By changing behaviors unique to your metabolism and seeking certain types of care that builds your immune system by reducing the effects of random cell damage. That's about the best that you can do; and it's proven by those who exercise that type of lifestyle.

This is better defined by the Stochastic Theory of Aging, which basically states that age is a result of random damage to cells and organs over time; unlike the Programmed Theory of Aging, which states that the aging and death of cells is genetically pre-determined.

In reality, both are relevant. However, the one that gives you the most ability to control is the Free Radical Theory. This particular theory recognizes that random, metabolic reactions occurring continuously in the body can produce unstable molecules called free radicals.

As these free radicals try to stabilize themselves by a natural process called oxidation, their natural-occurring, chemical reaction produces elements that are damaging to your body. Some damage elements of cells such as protein and DNA, the cells' genetic material. See the connection?

These damaging elements are known chemically as oxidants, the by-products of this oxidation process by which free radicals become more stable. These are considered to be the true perpetrators of aging.

Your body is a wonderful creation. While many natural anti-oxidant defenses may have some with strange names, like superoxide dismutase, other defense supplements have more common names that you are familiar with, like ascorbate (Vitamin C), tocopherol (Vitamin E), and carotenoid (Vitamin A).

So the "anti-oxidant vitamins" touted for their anti-aging effects, because they combat free radicals, appear to be on solid ground, naturally and scientifically.

Another theory associated with free radicals is the Caloric Reduction Theory. Scientists have been able to prove in many species of animals, that reducing the metabolism of calories reduces oxidative damage to cells. In other words, numerous studies have demonstrated an association between excessive weight and higher mortality.

A More Simple Wellness Plan

Aside from all of the scientific mumbo-jumbo, is there a more practical description that might define the way to live within natural laws and thereby live longer? Yes!

  1. Understand the difference between "clean" and "unclean" food for humans.
  2. Add resistance training and stretching for strength and flexibility
  3. Add balanced nutritional supplements for free radical management and caloric control
You may not be able to change the program of your genes, but you can certainly control the elements that switch them into negative action. Just ask anyone who is a cancer survivor. They'll tell you that even your mental state is crucial to overcoming disease.

Choose the Cleaner Human Food Chain

It is amazing with all of the higher education available that many do not understand that the human food chain does NOT include EVERYTHING that flies, crawls, swims and wiggles.

Putting organized religion aside for the moment, the Bible and the Koran agree on what defines food fit for human consumption, and what is defined as unfit for human consumption.

In reality, those animals fit for human consumption by nature eat grain, grass and roots. In other words, the animals are vegetarean. Their metabolisms are, therefore, designed differently than scavenger animals. If they were to eat like a scavenger, they surely would die of disease, just like those mad cows that ate cannibalized animal feed.

That means that scavenger animals like buzzards, snakes, crabs, lobsters, clams, mussels and pigs have metabolisms for being environmental cleaners. That is their created purpose.

When you eat a scavenger animal, you are actually partaking of THEIR food chain, including decaying, dead animals. That means that you are introducing into YOUR system much of the cells, bacteria and viruses common to THEIR food chain.

Some question rightly if there is a connection with the stress of the modern lifestyle with an unclean diet. While stress reduces the immune system, the unclean foods have the ability to feed on the human host with its micro-organisms, thus compromising the human immune system's ability to fight off disease.

Even if you do eat "clean" foods, though, there is another problem: Vitamin and mineral depletion. Modern forms of farming that often break natural laws by forcing the land have resulted in a reduction in elements that are vital to human health. More on that in a moment.

Why Exercise Supports Healthy Aging

Why do most elderly people in Japan use Tai Chi? Because it works! Contrary to some thinking, stretching IS exercise.

They have also proven that exercise need not be a burden. It merely needs to be consistent stretching and strengthening.

Regardless of which style of exercise you prefer, be aware why it works. Just keep in mind that ALL exercise allows the body to bring blood and nutrients to cells that, otherwise, might not receive proper nourishment on a regular basis.

Always Remember: Aging is Inevitable, but You Are Never Too Old to Engage Healthy Living!

To a large extent, whether you achieve your health goals may be subject, not only to knowing how you age, but knowing exactly HOW to go about it. So, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing but more stamina and better standard of healthy living.

That's Why It's Decision Time!

The key points of healthy-aging research and strategies have already been collated for you. All you have to do is read and take charge of your health.

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